Ramy Sandouk, Software/Firmware developer

Candidate to the Engineering Profession, OIQ

Ramy Sandouk

Seasoned software developer with 5 years of industry experience in Montreal, Canada.

Earned a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada, in 2018. Graduated with a GPA of 3.2.

3.5 years experience working with Matrox Electronic systems in Montreal, Canada.

  • Device driver development for FPGA based custom product.
  • High bandwith real-time video IO card line of products.
  • Agile development environment.
  • API development for the custom devices.
  • Mostly in C++ with some C, Java, and scripting languages.
  • For Windows and Linux operating systems.

1 year working for Zimmer Biomet (as contractor with Aerotek) in Montreal, Canada

  • Medical device project.
  • Custom FPGA based ultrasound guidance system for robotic surgery system.
  • Agile development environment with system, mechanical, and electronics engineers.
  • USB driver development for Linux OS for the device.
  • Register transfer level VHDL module development for the device.
  • API and test application development for users.


Email: rsandouk@hotmail.com

Telephone: (438) 936-3308